The “ASS KICKER” Shaft proves time and again to be the best

This incredible and effective shaft design has been again and again the most solid and sought after design in our entire line up.  First created in 2005 by Bobby Grace Putters for PGA Tour player J.L. Lewis to cure his putting during a great ball striking time in his career and cure it did.  With various prototype designs, this rear connected severley bent shaft ending up not only being a miraculous discovery, but also a multi-million dollar find for J.L.   Lewis. He earned in excess of $3Million dollars for 2 straight seasons while utilizing this super charged shaft design.  It wasn’t until 2008 when Odyssey finally copied our design and sold the “Back-Stryke” putters for a couple of seasons and finally discontinued them.  These are not supposed to be a production item, instead they need to built custom for each customer, which is why they no longer offer it.  Here are some of the advantages:

The Ass Kicker shaft does a number of things.  It aids to the smooth takeaway at the same time as points directly into the “CG” (Center of Gravity”. Which gives the strike the most energy possible in a putter. Each putt is so solid you will be amazed.  It also allows the strike of the ball to happen before the golfer could anticipate it due to the incredible amount of “On-Set”, which can help a number of issues people experience at or prior to impact.  It also allows for a full view of the sightline which is very pronounced.  These are all by custom order only.